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A Reflection on Halo 4

When Bungie announced that they would be leaving Halo for good after they finished developing Reach, I prepared myself for the end of Halo as we know it. I was very pessimistic for the future of the franchise. I knew it was a very special property and I just could not imagine any other studio... Continue Reading →

343 Industries

Let me start off by clarifying that for all intents and purposes I am primarily a fan of Bungie’s Halo offerings. The Bungie developed Halo games populate some of the fondest memories of my life. It’s important to clarify this because one of the largest detractors for people’s positive opinions of anything 343-Halo related is... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Materials: Halo Uprising

While my favorite thing to talk about is my personal experiences with the Halo franchise and the impact it’s made on my life, I thought it would be interesting to tackle a few different pieces of Halo media that may be less than popular or downright neglected. My first entry into this blog series I’ve... Continue Reading →

The launch of Halo 3

In our lives we go through a plethora of memorable experiences. We live out different moments in time that ultimately define who we are. I like to think that these moments are often bookended by particular milestones that resonate within us for the rest of our lives, specific instances where we can remember every detail... Continue Reading →

Bungie, 343 and Lore

If there is one Halo topic above the rest I enjoy talking about it's the universe and the lore that embodies it. For the mainstream audience lore can tend to be irrelevant, if its existence is even acknowledged at all. For the rest of us however, the lore is the backbone of the deep conversations we... Continue Reading →

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