I am the Host and creator of SacredIconHalo. I run the Twitter as well as gather fan feedback. Years of sharing my enthusiasm have culminated in Josh and I starting a podcast together. Let’s be honest, we’ve been doing this for years we just finally decided to hit “record”.

I am the guy who hasn’t stopped talking about Halo since the moment I played it. I have about a decades worth of questions I’d love to ask the community just sitting in the back of my mind. Halo has been apart of my life for over 15 years. I don’t see that changing, it has always been more than a game to me.


I’m Joshua, Co-Host here on the SacredIconHalo podcast. I believe in being as kind, wholesome and supportive as possible. Star Wars is my first love. Middle-Earth my second. Halo however also has a special place in my heart. Not just for Chief, Cortana, or all the games themselves, but because of how much it’s brought my friends together over the years. Which is why I’m here now. ❤



Hi there! I’m Erika, wife of your host Bryan. I am a Halo noob married to a Halo fanatic. I also make the artwork and marketing materials for SacredIconHalo.

In real life, I’m a college English professor, and my gaming tastes lean more toward things like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Skyrim, and Uncharted. Whether Halo joins the ranks, only the future will tell!


Caleb, dude behind the sound, Bring it round, all through the town. I wrote the intro, and advise on audio design here and there. Never take myself seriously, actually I never take myself anywhere. I need to get out more. Love video games, love sci-fi, Halo is both. What’s not to love? Go forth and prosper my dudes.


Howdy, I am the designer of this website and the younger brother of Bryan, the host of the SacredIconHalo podcast. I’m sure you’ve heard Bryan talk about playing Halo with his younger brother, that’s most likely me he’s talking about. I’ve been a Halo fan almost as long as he has. I hope you enjoy the podcast!


I am SacredIconHalo pup. I am best boi.