Welcome to SacredIconHalo!

If you’re anything like Bryan and Joshua, you just can’t stop thinking about this massive universe we all know and love called Halo. Whether you’re here just because you’re in the mood for some entertainment, you’re looking for an authentic podcast, or you want to dive deep into the lore and hypotheticals of the universe, we got you covered.

Our logo is based around the activation index used occassionally in the Halo games. We like to think of the term “Sacred” as having a double meaning, or a play on words. It doesn’t just stand for the index from the games, but also for the positivity we wish to keep Halo’s foundation built on–keeping it Sacred as you might say. We center our platform around that one main pillar. Criticism and disappointment are more than welcome whenever they are constructive and/or respectful, but anything outside of that, we just try not to dwell on.

We believe we’re a part of one of the best communities on the planet. The best way to foster that and bring it into the future is to work together, share what we love, and build each other up. You’ve come to the right place; we’re here to bring you pure enthusiasm for the Halo universe, one day at a time. Keep it Sacred.